Ivanka Trump exposed her breasts in a see-through dress

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Most female celebrities like exposing their breasts in the public. It is like a kind of sickness which most of the female celebrities have. They like exposing their breasts to gain more attention than other female celebrities.

When Donald Trump became the president of the United States, his daughter, Ivanka Trump, somehow automatically became a celebrity, especially when she was accorded a role in the White House.

If you think Ivanka is not having the so-called ‘female celebrities sickness’ of wanting to get naked in the public, then tell us why she decided to expose her breasts in this manner?

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Why did Ivanka Trump expose her breasts in a see-through dress

Ivanka Trump in a see-through dress



  • Peter says:

    This is a woman who is supposed to be a powerful role model for other women because she is the first daughter

  • Diana says:

    I guess this is exactly what the men want to see, hence she is doing it. Now she will gain more popularity more than ever before.

  • Fred says:

    Wao Wao Wao!!! Does she really need this? Oh yes I think she does. Kim Kardashian did it and up till now she is being worshipped more than the president. Go Ivanka!

  • Elvis says:

    Now, Donald Trump and the trumpeter supporters would Keep silent on this. Shame on you all Trump Family supporters.

    Melania Trump came to the US through chain Immigration and now they want to remove other foreigners who came in through the same process.

  • Believer says:

    Talk of stupid celebrities, especially those that are still young and don’t really have a secure career and respect of the fans.

  • Ahmed says:

    America is sick. The other day a female teacher had a 3yrs affair with a 14 yr old boy. ex-president Clinton with Monica L. Bill Cosby drugged and raped many women, Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted lots of women. President trump boasted about grabbing women’s pussy. He also cheated on his wife with a pornstar. Now the first daughter is showing her breasts in the public. Sick USA.

    • Chris says:

      Ahmed, These few people you mentioned may have cheated on their wives, still, U.S is far better than your muslim countries where women are treated inhumanly.

    • John says:

      The difference is you sexually assault a woman in a muslim country and she dare not report it to the authority otherwise, she would be jailed.

  • Chris says:

    Forget about the oscar party. This is where it is happening. Ivanka is secretly coming out with her kim kardashian-like attitude. No problem, after all her father now wants her and her guy out of the white house.

  • Aramunde says:

    If she continues like this, one day, they are going to rape her. Mind you, there are lots of rapists still hiding in America.

  • Dr Phil says:

    It seems some women see this as equality with men because men can go on the streets topless but they forget the fact that a woman’s breast is a sexual private part compared to that of a man.

    • The truth says:

      Yes you’re quite correct. Women want equality only when they need it. No shirt? Ok. Hit a man and he is not allowed to hit back? Break the law get a lesser sentence than a man? Hence female teachers keep sexually assaulting teen boys in schools and they get away with it. Get divorced and a man will pay you. Why don’t women pay men after divorce? Sorry, you can’t have it both ways ladies.

  • Funny Guy says:

    I have no problem with women taking off their clothes as long as I don’t commit any offence by looking at them. I love it.

  • Japan Sex says:

    I like it when people come together and share views. Great site, keep it up!

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